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No School on Friday (Nov. 28th) - Inservice Day for Teachers


Next Early Dismissal Day (Embedded Time):   December 3, 2014
Pick up times for Walkers:

1st floor (Gr.'s Pr - 2):  12:52 PM
2nd floor (Gr.'s 3 - 6):  12:57 PM
3rd floor (Gr.'s 7-9):  1:03 PM

Buses will leave the school grounds @ 1:05 PM

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Community Announcements:

Early Dismissal Days @ the LCLC – Come out and have a Skate(1:30-2:30) and then take in our Fall Fun Swim!( 2:00-4:00pm) Oct 22, Nov 5, Nov 19, Dec 3.



September, 2014

New Times @ BA:

Doors open @ 8:05am.  Homeroom is from 8:20-8:25am.  Classes begin promptly @ 8:25am.
Dismissal (starting with bus students) begins @ 2:27pm.  Parents picking students up after school are asked to wait until after bus students are dismissed, as calling students out of class early for pick-up can be very disruptive to classes.

Breakfast Club open every morning between 8:05 - 8:20 in the Galley -- Free Breakfast Available for All Students!

2014-2015: Change in School Day Start & End Times:

Embedded Time
Bluenose Academy will join all other SSRSB schools by participating in the Embedded Collaborative Learning Time model to enhance professional learning for teachers. There is overwhelming evidence that student learning and student engagement increase when teachers have opportunities to work together as collaborative learning teams. Our staff will be part of this Collaborative Learning Time model next year. This means that our start and end times each day, beginning in September, will change slightly.
Our instructional day will start at 8:25AM (instead of 8:30AM) and our dismissal at the end of each day will be 2:32PM (instead of 2:30PM).
Please note this change, as bus schedules in September will be revised each morning and afternoon to reflect these changes.  Also, please note that on the following dates, buses will dismiss from Bluenose Academy at 1:02PM to allow teachers and staff to participate with their collaborative learning teams on these afternoons.   Bus students will be dropped off at their regular bus stops 1 hour and 30 minutes early on Embedded Time days.          

  1. Wed., October 8 - Early Dismissal @ 1:02 PM
  2. Wed., October 22 - Early Dismissal @ 1:02 PM
  3. Wed., November 5 - Early Dismissal @ 1:02 PM
  4. Wed., November 19 - Early Dismissal @ 1:02 PM
  5. Wed., December 3 - Early Dismissal @ 1:02 PM
  6. Wed., January 14 - Early Dismissal @ 1:02 PM
  7. Wed., February 4 - Early Dismissal @ 1:02 PM
  8. Wed., February 25 - Early Dismissal @ 1:02 PM
  9. Wed., March 11 - Early Dismissal @ 1:02 PM
  10. Wed., March 25 - Early Dismissal @ 1:02 PM
  11. Wed., April 15 - Early Dismissal @ 1:02 PM
  12. Wed., April 29 - Early Dismissal @ 1:02 PM
  13. Wed., May 13 - Early Dismissal @ 1:02 PM
  14. Wed., May 27 - Early Dismissal @ 1:02 PM

    These dates will still include full service from our cafeteria menu and students will continue to eat lunch in The Galley on these days.                 


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